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Supporting Amarna

The Trust invites donations from individuals or from corporations. Donations can be earmarked for particular purposes or they can be allocated by the Trust in pursuit of the stated objects of the Trust.

How to Donate

Donors can choose from these on-line methods:

Donate at Just Giving Donate Online

Cheques payable to 'Amarna Trust' and donation queries should be sent to:
Dr Kate Spence
Division of Archaeology
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3DZ, UK

Email Barry Kemp: bjk2@cam.ac.uk

Gift Aid on United Kingdom donations

The Trust is able to benefit from the present UK tax legislation by reclaiming tax on donations from UK tax-payers under the Gift Aid scheme, which increases the value of the gift by nearly a third (there are further tax advantages for donors who pay at higher rates).

Downloadable UK gift form (PDF)

United States of America donations

For residents of the USA, donations can be made to one of two 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organizations, with the request that the donation be used to support work at Tell el-Amarna in Egypt.

The first is the Amarna Research Foundation, which also invites membership. Members recieve a separate newsletter. The Foundation supports research into Amarna and the Amarna Period more generally. It helps to fund the Amarna Project.


The second is the Cambridge in America Foundation, which makes grants directly to the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in Cambridge and hence to the Amarna Project.

Downloadable gift form (PDF)

The Trust’s Honorary Treasurer is:

Susan Kelly
8 chemin Doctoresse-Champendal
1206 Geneva
e: suekelly.canada@gmail.com

Details of the Trust’s bank account are:

Bank: Nat West
Address: High Wycombe branch, 33 High Street, High Wycombe, Bucks,
HP11 2AJ
Account name: The Amarna Trust
Account number: 21457700
Branch sort code: 60-11-01
IBAN: GB66 NWBK 6011 0121 4577 00